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About Our Solution

Godspeed provides mobile entry with wireless technology to manage events, spaces, and promotion access among smart cities.

Smart wallet platform

Godspeed specializes in providing a "Wallet system," encompassing iOS and Android Wallet electronic tickets. The relationship between Wallet and artificial intelligence (AI) lies in Apple/Google Wallet serving as an application that offers digital tickets, credit cards, coupons, and various other cards. Through the integration of AI technology, it provides smarter functionalities and services.

Standardized API

User For existing system that requires Wallet tickets, Godspeed can provide an API interface for third-party integration.

Hardware integration

Godspeed provides hardware integration service like access control or event check-ins.

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What kind of applicaiton can Wallet do?

Wallet electronic coupon

Wallet electronic coupon is for business users who need promotion such as shops, restaurants, hotels, etc..

Wallet EZgo

Wallet key card

Wallet QR code and NFC function can be used as pass card with hardware for access control like meeting room and co-working spaces.


Loyalty program

Using a Wallet electronic membership card can save on the use of plastic cards, and there's no need to open the app separately when using it, which is very convenient.

Event management

Various types of events such as sports games, carnivals, lectures, and more can all utilize Wallet as entry tickets.

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More applications for various usage

Cell checkin.
Cell meeting.
Auto check-ins/Commercial facility access .

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Virtual key platform

Godspeed Technology integrates software and hardware to execute edge computing applications on microprocessors, disrupting the rules of business space management.

Facility access control

Wallet can be paired with hardware based on usage scenarios. The "virtual key" platform includes hardware configuration and management.

Key permission management

The "virtual key" platform itself can generate corresponding "virtual keys" based on the selected hardware. Key authorization and revocation can both be executed within the platform.

Information Visualization

The records of key issuance and hardware usage will be stored in logs within the platform, allowing users to search or export them based on the desired time frame.

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Virtual key suitable applications

Hotel stays

Self-check-in kiosk system - Our virtual key can be customized into different styles to meet the specific needs of the hotel, offering consumers options such as NFC cards, QR codes, or Bluetooth keys.

Co-working spaces

Virtual keys can be tailored to meet the demands of co-working space access control management, seamlessly integrating with cell meeting to oversee facility access control for meeting rooms or VIP spaces.

Event check-ins

Event check-ins or access control at entrances can utilize Wallet electronic tickets according to the specific requirements.

Visitors management

Using virtual keys in commercial buildings can eliminate the time spent queuing for card production, while also integrating with access control hardware for management.

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We offer a diverse array of applications to meet your various needs. Click the link below to access the Cell Host app, which primarily functions as a platform for managing hardware and virtual keys.